Month: July 2016

Nationally Recognized Architecture Here at Home

For village residents it’s probably safe to say we have all caught a glimpse, stopped and awed, or looked on with curiosity at the amazing piece of art that graces the shore of the lake, right here in the village.  Locals often refer to it as “The Gingerbread House”.  This piece of architecture is none other than the estate located at 28 West Lake Street.  You may know it as the Feldmann family home; however, maybe you aren’t familiar with the rich history that surrounds this gem.

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Is It Time To Sell Your House?

There is always so much discussion about the housing market. America seems to have an obsession with homes and real estate as evidenced by the rise in television shows pertaining to it. Since the recession and the housing market crash of 2007/08 a regular debate can be heard about its future stability. Skaneateles, and Central New York for that matter, have faired relatively well through this. After 5 or 6 years of a market that favored “buyers”, the last 10-12 months have evolved into a “sellers” market. What is a sellers market anyway? Merriam Webster defines it as “a situation in which a few things of the same kind are for sale, prices are high, and sellers have an advantage over buyers”. The Washington Post states the trend for 2016 is “homeowners should enjoy another year of solid gains in housing prices.” Some things to consider:

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How to “Sale” Above the Rest?

When it’s time to sell your home, would you like to stand out in the crowded market?  In preparing for a sale, you should focus on the things that will provide you the largest return for the time and the effort invested.  These are three of the top things you can do to increase your marketability, help shorten your sales process, and ultimately keep you in the front of the pack.

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