How to “Sale” Above the Rest?

When it’s time to sell your home, would you like to stand out in the crowded market?  In preparing for a sale, you should focus on the things that will provide you the largest return for the time and the effort invested.  These are three of the top things you can do to increase your marketability, help shorten your sales process, and ultimately keep you in the front of the pack.

In order to allow buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves in the home, you need to depersonalize.  A neutral environment will appeal to the many different types of people looking at your home.  Your belongings may be deemed distracting to prospective buyers, and may prevent them from establishing an emotional connection to the home.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.   With so many homes hitting the market this season it’s time to up the curb appeal.  With buyers beginning their search online, no matter how great the interior is, you will be judged on your home before they walk through the door.  Add potted plants and brightly colored perennials to the garden; some new shrubs and a well-kept lawn will make your home feel more inviting. Statistically, landscaping is the biggest bang for your buck when listing.

Personal clutter can be a turnoff to buyers.  A decluttered home will feel more spacious and everyone wants mores space.  Think of this process as a head start on packing to move to your new home.  Consider pairing down the pieces of furniture in your living areas so your rooms have an open flow.  Clear out shoes, pack up the knickknacks and remove small appliances from the kitchen counter.   Buyers will be able to see more potential for how their own life will fit inside the home if they don’t have to see beyond all your belongings.

Each property has its own unique and specific areas that should be addressed before going to market. Leverage the experience of a trusted real estate partner today to guide you through the process. They see dozens of homes each week, are in tune to the market, and can assist you in determining the work that needs to be done before listing.

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