Our Vision

Welcome to Finger Lakes Realty Partners

At Finger Lakes Realty Partners we understand our clients are searching for different lifestyles. For some people their ideal setting is a stately village home, close to schools and the energy of downtown. Other people may want a waterfront property, and the opulent style that living on the water provides. Part of what makes Upstate New York truly unique, is that we understand how different all of these styles of living are. At Finger Lakes Realty Partners, we are able to cater and customize what we do regardless of the lifestyle you seek. Finger Lakes Realty Partners evolved out of the need for a tailored, data-driven approach to high-end home sales. We live in the communities we serve, and unlike the giant franchise agencies, we provide matchless customized service, with a range of marketing options to showcase your home in the unique way this market requires. Finger Lakes Realty Partners tracks the slightest movements in the market, and combine the data we compile, with true local market knowledge, which truly helps us stand apart from what any other real estate firm can provide. Being a Finger Lakes Realty Partners listing, and seeing our lightning logo sailboat in the yard, will inherently add value to these unique homes and development sites; buyers will know that this is truly a local one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Our professionals and the Finger Lakes Realty Partners advantage

At Finger Lakes Realty Partners, you do not just get one agent. You get one team. Our team approach comes with inherent advantages on Day One. A hand-selected team collaborates throughout every aspect of a transaction. This allows us to truly capture and accentuate each phase of the listing timeline…from conception to completion. We have an unparalleled network of clients, partners, and vetted professional resources. All of this filtered and refined by the fact that not only are these people professional assets, they are our neighbors and, in many cases, past or current clients. The exclusivity that comes with being a Finger Lakes Realty Partners client, commands the attention of the region and world’s most qualified buyers, and unquestionably yields a higher premium for each property we represent. The fact that we specialize in high-end properties enables us to invest more capital and customization into your home. We are able to think more creatively, and dedicate more resources to leverage our truly unique sales resources and Central Finger Lakes specific marketing outlets. Not being bound by strict corporate bureaucracy, allows us to be more nimble, innovative, and competitive, on a more targeted yet grander scale than any other brokerage.

No marketing agenda. Tailored solutions.

Every property is assessed with the homeowner, in partnership with the Finger Lakes Realty Partners team. We then formulate a customized road map, which creates accountability and deliverables which are tied to specific expectations and timeframe. Our goal, from print and public relations to targeted media outlets, is to elevate each Finger Lakes property above all other homes for sale in the Central Finger Lakes region and beyond. We want people to recognize a Finger Lakes Realty Partners listing when they see it, and know what that represents and stands for. Here are Finger Lakes Realty Partners; we value luxury, exclusivity, and impeccable delivery. When clients purchase or sell property through our firm, they receive an unparalleled level of service that simply cannot be offered by larger firms. Our unique focus, enables us to focus and innovate, and our 24-7 accessibility gives our clients confidence that their listing is truly one-of-a-kind, and being handled with care.

Technology trends. Market Innovation.

Finger Lakes Realty Partners recognizes that the real estate sales process has evolved. Technology and daily market intelligence play a more active role in what we do every day. Property knowledge paired with collaboration with some of the world’s top resources; help us to leverage every pertinent data point possible…down to the most granular detail. This allows us to give our clients the most accurate information possible, and allows us to customize our strategy based upon what these market trends illustrate. Finger Lakes Realty Partners has the distinct ability to find opportunities where there seemingly are none, and know that the technology behind these opportunities are an important driving factor. No other brokerage can confidently dedicate an entire office to one purchaser or property. Purchasing a home in the Central Finger Lakes is a unique experience, which requires a level of service and customization that is commensurate with this financial investment. Let us use our technology and insight to help create the unique marketing strategy that your property requires…and deserves.


An idea in the 1930’s became a concept and then a reality in Skaneateles, NY, that changed the sailing world.  This change was the Lightning sailboat and benefitted both racers and pleasure sailors.

The Lightning is a 19 foot sloop rigged sailing dinghy originally designed by Olin Stephens in 1938.  The Lightning was built by the Skaneateles Boats Company and was first sailed on Skaneateles Lake.  Skaneateles is considered the Gateway to the Finger Lakes.  The introduction of the Lightning made an impact on sailing throughout the entire area, then gradually the USA and the world.  More than 15,000 Lightnings have been built since then.  There are over 500 fleets of Lightnings worldwide, many of which participate in racing.

Awarded ISAF International Class status, the Lightning is sailed in more than 13 countries and in the Pan American Games, and the class provides a professionally managed association that is among the largest in all of one-design sailing.  A World Championship is held every two years.  North American, South American and European Championships are held each year as are innumerable regional and district championships.

The concept, development and launch of the Lightning is a true Finger Lakes’ success story.  This type of success is in direct correlation with the concept and goals behind Finger Lakes Realty Partners.  A remarkable idea combined with the right team of real estate professionals is capable of taking a traditional business to a greater level.  Finger Lakes Realty Partners strives to provide professionalism, compassion and value in serving our clients throughout the Finger Lakes Region.  Ultimately, creating the same unparalleled success as the Lightning.